In love with Boulder…

How much do I love my job? I can’t even explain. Lululemon has elevated me to who I want to be and I am incredibly thankful for that. Every week we send out product notifications via email… here is the following graphic we made. The lovely models, Raine and Eric,  had a great time showing off the new colors… hellooooo, Paris Pink! As well as new jackets in the men’s line (with removable sleeves and 360 degree reflectivity).

Product Notification for November 22

Here are outtakes from the shoot…

Be Happy.

It’s funny how life takes you on unexpected paths. Anticipation and anxiety built and I have ended up in Colorado. The first day here, I wanted to get back in my truck and go back to Iowa. The second day here, I fell in love. I don’t know how to explain it, other than something just clicked inside of me, and I finally knew what it felt like to be home.

original cyns… love this place!

Original Cyns Logo

i love that little dog!

It’s my favorite store. I may be biased… I do some work for them – taking pictures of the store, social media, identity branding, and marketing pieces for the store, etc. It’s a great store – such a fun vibe & very reasonably priced merch. There’s something for everyone, and i absolutely LOVE the girls that work there – everybody is very positive, and beautiful inside-out. That is such an important feature when you’re shopping, I think. Even before I started doing work for the store, I always felt like I had known everybody there for years.

Another thing I like… shopping there is like having a personal shopper.  They will honestly tell you if something looks great on your or doesn’t.  I kind of feel like shopping there is kind like how my friends and I would go though each other’s closet in high school. Not to mention the clothes are to die for! They only get a few pieces of the same thing, so you will rarely (if ever) see anybody with the same item. I get so many compliments on the stuff I get from there!

They (ehem…me) always post pics of the new products…

new products at original cyns

new product blast

The owner loves weiner dogs, hence the weiner dog logo. this is henry, the newest dachshund in the OCyns crew:

If I haven’t made it clear…  I love this place. Shop local!

oh henry!

Henry is so so sweet! i was soooo excited to take pics of henry… only 10 days old! i decided the best place to take pics was in his room. i just love the robin’s egg blue henry’s parents painted his nursery. It’s such a serene, calm, happy color, and photographs really well.